How It Works

Get moving, log your progress, and have fun collecting badges along the way! Join Mayor Smith in his Healthy Winchester Initiative this year and have fun getting healthy. Register below for Mayor Smith’s “Walk with the Mayor” program or to participate in additional fitness programs.

Walk with the Mayor

Improve your fitness while getting to know your mayor! Register for this program to walk with the Mayor along portions of Green Circle Trail. Two options are offered per eight-week session: casual walk, for a laid-back workout, and cardio walk, for a more intensive exercise. Space is limited per session.

  • Spring Session
  • Summer Session

When you sign up for the Walk with the Mayor program, you will also have access to additional programs such as Weight Loss, Family Fitness, and Healthy Activities.

Additional Programs

Can’t participate in the Walk with the Mayor program? Create a profile and have fun getting healthy with a variety of other activities. Learn about the Mayor’s favorite recipes for losing weight, fun exercises to stay active as a family, and more.

  • Weight Loss
  • Family Fitness
  • Winchester Walks
  • Healthy Activities